Anders Albrechtsen Lab

Our group develops statistical and computational methods for analysis of genomic data including methods for performing multi-loci association studies, methods for detecting and correcting for population stratification, methods for detecting natural selection, loci dependent methods for modeling identity-by-descent and various methods for analysis of second generation sequencing data.


4. June 2024

New workshop in Kenya at Open Institute Workshop.

23. May 2024

new publication: Analysis of admixed Greenlandic siblings shows that the mean genotypic values for metabolic phenotypes differ between Inuit and Europeans Genome Medicine.

12. April 2024

new publication: Introgression and disruption of migration routes have shaped the genetic integrity of wildebeest populations. Nature Communication.

16. March 2024

new publication: Giraffe lineages are shaped by major ancient admixture events Current Biology.

3. January 2024

new publication: African bushpigs exhibit porous species boundaries and appeared in Madagascar concurrently with human arrival Nature communation.

2. January 2024

happy new year!

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